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About Café Zoë

A Brief History

In the spring of 2008, after considering a career change, owner Kathleen came upon a random shop for sale in a neighborhood location that resonated to her the idea of “community.”  After spending time with the previous owner and his staff, she purchased the café and renamed it, Café Zoë, after her daughter. The tag line for the shop became “a place for peace, hope and community.”


From the beginning, Café Zoë has always sought to be an “extension of your living room,” from the cozy environment and comfy chairs to the friendly, engaging baristas. We’re not your average modern hipster coffee shop. There is a lot of artwork and posters on the walls, eclectic jewelry on display from local artists, and a generally “at home” kind of vibe. We have always kept our prices low with quality and quantity high. 


With the café’s central location, we have been able to become a community hub where people can meet up with friends or business partners, get some work done, or spend quality time with loved ones. Parents can enjoy a latte and a little down time while their children play on the back patio in the playhouse. Kids can come hang out and wait for their rides after school. Young people can come find a quiet corner to read or study for a while. Couples can enjoy a coffee retreat.


We are also proud to have become one of few local intimate live music venues between San Francisco and San Jose. In Summer 2016, we acquired a beer and wine license for Café Zoë and we were able to extend our hours. We began to include trivia and game nights, and most importantly live music. We have hosted many local acts and watched many of our musician friends develop their sound and have hosted many touring acts. 


Ten years later, we pride ourselves on the coffee and all of the “so much more.” We hope to be a place of comfort and joy to all.

From the Café Zoë Blog

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