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Bread, Future Happy Hours + More!

Hi there,

Here's an update on what's happening at Cafe Zoë this week.


Thursday night is Trivia Night at 7pm. This week’s quiz is co-hosted with Mixed Borders! Sign up here or

Bread Club

Looking for fresh bread every week? Sign up for our bread club to pick up fresh loaves and baguette from ACME every Wednesday or Saturday morning. Please send us an email with subject line "Bread Club."

Future Social Distancing Happy Hour

We are thinking about doing Happy Hour with live music on Friday nights from 5-8pm on the front patio (with limited and strict seating, all social distancing protocols in effect). Advanced reservations for tables will be required. Interested/Thoughts? Please respond to this email.

Next Week

Trivia Night with Ask Jeeves on Thursday (7/16) and Open Mic Online on Friday (7/17) at 6:30pm (Sign up:

We update our social media regularly. Follow us:


Instagram: @cafezoemenlopark

Twitter: @cafezoemenlo

If you wish to unsubscribe to Café Zoë’s newsletter, please respond to this email letting us know, and we will do so.

Thank you!

Peace, Love, & Cheers,


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