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Here's what's happening this week!

Hi there,

Here's your update on what's happening at Cafe Zoë this week.


- Every Wednesday evening at 6pm: Kafenia Peace Collective.  $20 includes dinner. This Winter’s Theme: “how do we build belonging in a time of othering?” Email or join our FB page.

- Thursday night is Trivia Night at 7pm. This week’s Trivia is hosted by Kathleen and Zoë! 

Live Music

- Friday night (1/24), the Ford Family Band is back to play some 70's inspired rock n' roll! See the event info here and join us this Friday at 7pm.


- Tuesday (1/28) West Coast Songwriter's Competition is every last Tuesday of the month at 7pm. You must be a member of West Coast Songwriters to be eligible to win. Sign up here.

- Wednesday (1/29): Barbara & Colleen's Exhibit Reception "My Climate. Your Climate. Their Climate." 6:00pm-9:00pm.

We update our social media regularly. Follow us: Facebook: Instagram: @cafezoemenlopark Twitter: @cafezoemenlo Thank you! Peace, Love, & Cheers, CAFÉ Zoë

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