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Holiday Drive for the Veterans at the Palo Alto VA

The Holiday Dinner for the Veterans at Building 520 at the Palo Alto VA Hospital will happen once again this year on December 18th. Get Human, Cafe Zoë, Habibi’s Salon, Peninsula Veterans Lions Club, and more, will return to spread cheer for the veterans residing there over the holidays. The dinner spread is provided by Oak Grove Christian Ministries.

To give you some background, these businesses and non-profit groups have gone for the last several years to Building 520 at the Palo Alto VA. This particular wing is often overlooked on the holidays. The patients hospitalized in this unit are facing some tough mental challenges and many of them are homeless, too.

Each year we've raised money to fill up bags for each of the Veterans. Every bag includes undergarments, toiletries, a full sweatsuit, t-shirt, slippers, and socks Each of the Veterans are asked if they would like to receive a personal gift. One of the most touching requests was when one Veteran asked for a winter coat to present to his daughter for Christmas.

In addition, we try to fill the supply closet with extra items for patients throughout the rest of the year.

Let's not overlook those who have served us when they need us now. Please consider making a cash or check donation in person at Cafe Zoë or an online donation at (Scroll down to the PayPal button- 100% of your donation will go towards the Veterans).

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