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Inez Storer Reception + More!

Hi there,

Here's your update on what's happening at Cafe Zoë this week!


Thursday night is Trivia Night at 7pm. This week’s Trivia is hosted by Jeremy! 

Art Reception: Our current featured artist, Inez Storer, will return this Saturday (1/11) at 2pm for coffee and conversation. This event is free and open to the public. Join us!

Live Music

Friday night, we're hosting a student recital. The front of the cafe will be reserved for parents and friends of the students', but please fill in where seats are open and enjoy the students performances!

We update our social media regularly. Follow us: Facebook: Instagram: @cafezoemenlopark Twitter: @cafezoemenlo

Thank you! Peace, Love, & Cheers, CAFÉ Zoë

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