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Open Mic at Cafe Zoë in 2019

Hello all, 

Perhaps, you have heard about some changes regarding Open Mic and we want to address them. 

Cafe Zoë is, first and foremost, so grateful to Mike of South Bay Musicians Group for hosting Open Mic: bringing all of his gear every month, accommodating musicians' requests, and for being flexible with our schedule. He is an excellent sound engineer and friend to us. We hope to work with him on other projects in the future. 

We made the decision to discontinue early sign-up with South Bay Musicians Group for Cafe Zoë Open Mic's going forward. The attendance at our Open Mic has grown and we want to make sure everyone gets a chance to take the CZ stage. Both CZ's community and SBMG have grown too big (a good problem!) to combine. 

If you wish to keep up with SBMG, you can connect with them here

For future Open Mic nights, all attendees will be asked to arrive at 6:30pm to sign up and music will start at 6:50pm. I, Zoë, will host and run sound (to the best of my abilities). There will be 14 slots for sign-up; first come, first served. 

We had to make this decision for the sake of our business and to support as many musicians in our community as possible. 

The next Open Mic at Cafe Zoë is Friday, March 15th. 

Thank you for your understanding.


Zoë + Kathleen

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