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Pete Sommer Live Music, Vegan Pastries + more!

Hi there,

Here's your update on what's happening at Cafe Zoë this week.

*New* Vegan Pastries

Plant-based friends, rejoice! We just got our first order from Wholesome Bakery. It included their Caramel and "Kitchen Sink" cookie sandwiches, an almond tea cake (sold by the slice), and a Gluten-free Country Oat loaf for sandwiches. We are always excited to expand our menu, so that all lifestyles and dietary needs may be met.


This Friday night, Pete Sommer will return to perform a solo show! Join us for drinks, food, and music at 5:30pm!

For our Trivia friends

If you're missing online Trivia nights, our friend Alexander hosts Trivia at 4:30pm PST every Saturday. "It’s done over Zoom with breakout rooms and it’s pretty competitive but light-hearted and has a small but pretty enthusiastic player base. We’d welcome a new team or two!" Check out the Facebook page here.

Current Open Hours

Monday - Friday 7:30am - 1:30pm

+ Friday evening: 5:30pm - 8:00pm

Saturday 8:00am -1:30pm


We update our social media regularly. Follow us:


Instagram: @cafezoemenlopark

Twitter: @cafezoemenlo

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Thank you!

Peace, Love, & Cheers,


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