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This week at Cafe Zoë!

Hi there,

Here's your update on what's happening at Cafe Zoë this week!


There's a new partner at Cafe Zoe every Wednesday evening until December 11th: Kafenia Peace Collective.  $20 includes dinner

Welcome to the Kafenia!  Help us grow a Village of All Together through weekly communal meals & dialogues/music/hang out time together with friends from all cultures and backgrounds! Questions and RSVP info: Mary Jane at or join our FB page.

Every Thursday night is Trivia Night at 7pm This week’s Trivia is hosted by Kevin! Trivia is $5/person, but first time is free!

Saturday, Kate Bradshaw and Girls to Women student photographers will be here for a reception to present Kate's 3-art article series Uneven ground. This impactful piece covers "unequal land in San Mateo County." Please join us at 1:30pm this Saturday, October 12th for viewing and discussion. For more information, please see the event page.

Live Music

Friday night, we have live Jazz with the Cats 3! Join us at 7pm.

We update our social media regularly. Follow us: Facebook: Instagram: @cafezoemenlopark Twitter: @cafezoemenlo

Thank you! Peace, Love, & Cheers, CAFÉ Zoë

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