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What's going on at Cafe Zoë this week? 8/28

Hi there,

Here's your update on what's happening at Cafe Zoë this week!

First, a quick thank you to our community. Last week, we were awarded a Golden Acorn for Business Excellence by the Menlo Park Chamber of Commerce. This is quite an honor! But we cannot accomplish anything without an amazing community supporting us, so thank you to you. You can read more about the other winners and the event here.


NEXT WEEK: "First Tuesday Poets' Night" hosted by Kalamu Chaché and Lisa Rosenburg. It will be a Poetry-specific Open Mic. The cafe will still close at 5pm and open back up at 6:45pm for the event to take place from 7:00-9:00pm. There will be a limited food menu and drinks for purchase. 

Thursday night is Trivia Night at 7pm. Trivia is a great way to test your knowledge and compete (all in good fun, of course). This week’s Trivia is hosted by The Roberts Family!


Live Music

Friday night (8/30), the Irish Twins are here for the first time! They'll be playing some folk music at 7pm.

Next week, Aprylle Gilbert and Gaby Castro return!

We update our social media regularly. Follow us: Facebook: Instagram: @cafezoemenlopark Twitter: @cafezoemenlo Thank you!

Peace, Love, & Cheers, CAFÉ Zoë

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